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Friday, July 6, 2018

U.S. Supreme Court has jurisdiction to end illegal wars

Those great battlers for what is legal, just and right, the august members of the High Court (U.S. Supreme Court) fight injustice and wrongdoing wherever they see it. Right? Right??

Have you ever heard of a "justice" ordering the government to cease and desist with these wars of aggression that the United States does?

After all, it was Justice Robert H. Jackson, a member of the Nuremburg panel that tried Nazis after World War Two, who said in opening arguments at Nuremburg: "The Geneva Protocol of 1924 for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes, signed by the representatives of 48 governments, declared that 'a war of aggression constitutes . . . an international crime.'"

But, you say, the U.S. Supreme Court has no jurisdiction. Yes, it does. According to the government itself: "The Judiciary Act of 1789 gave the Supreme Court original jurisdiction to issue writs of mandamus (legal orders compelling government officials to act in accordance with the law)."

You can read more about how the Supreme Court can order the White House, and therefore the Department of Defense, and the Congress to not initiate illegal wars or stop illegal wars in progress: I don't the think Supreme Court minds all these wars. In fact, I would be surprised if members of the court did not have stock with companies that manufacture weapons and war machines and that supply the troops.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

10 of the Strangest, Most Pathetic Myths about Love and Sex

10 of the strangest, most pathetic myths of love and sex

By Mark Miller

Some of humanity's strangest stories come from mythology, and some of the strangest myths of all involve love and sex. Myths from around the world tell stories involving sex and love between gods and humans and sometimes other creatures. These stories often involve a lot of pathos and sometimes violence and revenge. We hereby present a list of 10 strange myths that are too strange to be true but that may contain kernels of truths about human or divine nature:

10. Who enjoys sex more: men or women?

Zeus and Hera, heads of the Greek pantheon, got into an argument about who enjoys sex more, men or women. Zeus contended women get more pleasure. Hera said it's men. They asked the long-lived Tiresias of the ancient city of Thebes to settle the dispute.

Tiresias had been a man who committed the abomination of striking a female snake that was mating and spent seven years as a woman for his sin. When he went before Zeus and Hera, Tiresias was now a man again because he later struck a copulating male snake and was returned to his native gender. Tiresias sided with Zeus, saying women enjoy sex nine times more than men. Furious, Hera blinded him. In recompense, Zeus gave Tiresias the gift of prophecy.

The gift of propehcy was ambivalent because people often excoriated prophets and discounted or denied their accuracy. Some stories say Tiresias lived a long life as a gift from Zeus.

9. Goddess of love and beauty—and many partners

Freya, the Norse goddess of love and beauty, was so lovely that she was desired by all the supernatural beings of the Norse realms—the gods, dwarves and giants. It seems she reciprocated. It wouldn't do to slut-shame a goddess, but let's say she got around some. One website calls her the “party girl” of the Aesir, one of the Norse pantheons. She is even said to have slept with a slave more than once. Ironically Freya (Freyja) means “lady,” and our word Friday is related to it.

Her husband, Odur, who is sometimes but not always equated with the great god Odin, went off on travels on Earth a lot. Freya missed him and sometimes went searching for him, shedding tears that seeded the earth with gold. Her footsteps left beautiful flowers in her path.

As the personification of earth she coupled with Odin, who is the sky; Frey, the rain; Odur,  sunshine; and Vili and Ve, Odin's brothers (or alter-egos). Loki accused Freya of sleeping with all of the gods and elves. He even accused her of sleeping with her brother, Freyr.

The indiscretions of Frigg, a goddess often equated with Freya, are recorded for posterity in Semund's Edda:

Be thou silent, Frigg!

Thou art Fiorgyn's daughter

And ever hast been fond of men

Since Ve and Vili, it is said,

Thou, Virdir's wife, didst

Both to thy bosom take

8. Iktomi the Lakota trickster courts a maiden

Iktomi, the Lakota trickster, knew about beauty. In the story "Oh, It's You!" related in the book Native American Trickster Stories, edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz, Iktomi the spider-man was always thinking about sex and copulation. He had his eye on a beautiful girl with long black hair, firm breasts and graceful movements like a cat. From the first time he saw her he was preoccupied with how to get her in bed.

So the ugly Iktomi courted her, playing his flute every day as she went to the river to wash her clothes. He told her what a great lover he was and that she was missing out on great pleasure by rejecting him. She was insulted such an ugly, ill-mannered man would want her. She told Iktomi's wife, who said that's nothing new, he wants to do 'tawiton' with everybody in the village—except her with her gray hair and potbelly. She told the girl she wished she could catch him and beat him. The beautiful wincincala says there is a way. She told Iktomi to come to her tipi that night, that her blind and deaf grandmother won't notice a thing. Iktomi's wife was there instead of the girl.

"Kiss me!" Iktomi told her in the dark, thinking it was the beautiful wincincala. "I love you. How sweet your breath is compared to my old woman." He felt her all over. "Oh, what a beautiful, firm little body you have, not lumpy and saggy like that of my wife. What a joy to make love to a young, beautiful girl instead of to an old, ugly hag!"

They had sex. Next morning, in the light, he saw that it was his wife. "Oh, it's you," he said. "I knew it was you all the time. Wasn't it great?"

She shouted that she'll give him “sagging breasts" and a “lumpy body" and said she'll beat the stuffing out of him. And she did so with a heavy club she had there. The story concludes that Iktomi was sore for a long time, but he kept on philandering.

As you can see, Iktomi's wife was still as beautiful as any young girl, but Trickster didn't realize it until he couldn't see her.

(Link to part of the story:

7. Krishna puts the girls in a dilemma

The unmarried gopi or cow-herd girls of the village of Vrndavana were deep in love with the beautiful Indian man-god Krishna even though they were supposed to be devoted to either Shiva or the goddess Durga. But like good girls they were involved in the worship of Durga when they went to the Yamuna river bank to bathe in the morning. There they would hold hands and sing of the wonderful exploits of Krishna, an incarnation of the supreme Godhead Vishnu.

One morning per tradition they left their clothing on the bank of the river and went into the water. Krishna arrived and took their clothes with him up into a tree. He told them to come out one by one and he will hand over their clothing.

The girls were delighted and smiled at each other, but there was a problem: They can't go before their lord naked. They told Krishna they were his eternal servants and must do as he says, but if he didn't give them their clothing they would tell the elders and the king.

Krishna told them if they are his servants they must do as he says. So, seeing he wouln't budge, they came out of the water nude, one by one. Krishna was pleased with their modesty as they covered themselves with their hands. So he took them to be his wives.

6. Don't go chasing butterflies

The Maidu Indians of Northern California tell a legend about a Tolowim woman who set out to gather food. She had with her her child in a cradleboard. She set the child down when she saw a large butterfly flutter past. She chased the beautiful butterfly, almost catching it, then missing, chasing it on and on. She thought perhaps she was too weighted down with her deerskin robe and ditched it. Still unable to catch the butterfly she tossed away her apron. At night she laid down to sleep and didn't even think of her child.

Next morning there was a man lying next to her. He told her if she wanted to follow him always, she would have to pass by a lot of his people. So she followed the butterfly man and they came to a valley of butterflies. He told her no one ever came through the valley alive, and if she were to do so she must not lose sight of him and must follow closely.

The traveled a long time, and the man kept telling her to hold tight and not let go. Halfway through the valley a swarm of butterflies enveloped them, around their faces and heads. They wanted the Tolowim woman. She held her husband tightly for a while, but finally she let go. She reached out to grasp a butterfly but missed. Then she tried for another, and another, and another, but she never succeeded. She wandered in the valley for a long time, went crazy and died.

5. The best of both worlds

The Greek god Hermes and goddess Aphrodite, the gods of male and female sexuality, had a son called Hermaphroditus, who was originally male but then became both male and female. In the beginning their son was a handsome youngster who inherited the beauty of his parents.

Once he laid down near the naiad nymph Salmacis' well. She loved Hermaprhoditus at first sight and tried to woo him, but he resisted. Then he swam in her spring, and she embraced him. She prayed to the gods to unite her to him, and they became one, neither man nor woman but both. Thereafter, by the will of Hermaphroditus, everyone who swam there at Salmacis became a hermaphrodite.

Hermaphroditus is depicted in ancient art with female face, thighs, breasts and hair and male genitalia.

4. Maybe you really can't go home again

Orpheus, son of the Muse Calliope and a great musician, loved his dryad wife Eurydice so much that when she died of snakebite he determined to travel to the underworld to get her back. He charmed Charon, who ferried the dead across the River Styx. He mesmerized Cerberus, the three-headed dog on guard, into sleep. Then he met with the recalcitrant Hades, who refused to let Eurydice return to Earth. The goddess Perseshone, Hades' queen, heard Orpheus music and was so moved she pleaded on Eurydice's behalf. Hades relented but set a condition: Eurydice must not look back as they left the underworld. Orpheus, scared she wasn't following along, looked back—and she was swept back into Hades forever. Orpheus was overcome and wandered around mad with sorrow until Dionysus' drunken followers the maenads killed him.

3. Perhaps the saddest love triangle of all

To the Letts the Baltic moon god Menu, and Saule, his wife the sun, were so brilliant their children were the stars. Saule had an affair with Perkuno, the god of lightning. The child of this unfaithful union was so brilliant he was the Morning Star. Menu was so angered and ashamed he appeared only at night, but his wife continued to shine brightly all day.

2. How the cosmos became suffused with love

The Indian pantheon—the entire universe—was in trouble. The Great Lord Shiva had lost his beloved intended, Sati, and Shiva was meditating and doing austerities in great sorrow. He had withdrawn so much that reality was threatened with coming apart, and the Asuras, the forces of evil, were becoming strong again. Only a son of Shiva could lead the gods to victory, but Shiva had no wife, nor desire.

Indra told Brahma of the situation. Brahma revealed that Sati was reicarnated as Uma, also called Parvati. She was dispatched to Shiva's mountain home to see to his needs. Days passed, but Shiva did not notice her or even open his eyes. The crisis was mounting, so the gods sent Kama, the god of love, to smite Shiva with a dart that would awaken his desire for Parvati so she could give birth to the hero who would save them.

Kama arrived with Vasant or spring and the nymph-like Apsaras to arouse Shiva. A divine fragrance and beautiul birdsong filled the air, but Shiva continued impertubably doing his austerities.

Kama strung his bow of sugarcane with an arrow with a flower tip, said a magical incantation and let fly. The arrow struck Shiva in the chest. Furious, Shiva blasted Kama with his third eye and burned Kama to a crisp. Love suffused the universe, unseen now by all but his wife, Rati.

Eventually, Kartikeyya was born to the divine couple, and he led the celestial troops and saved the world.

1. Dawn, go away, you're no good for me

Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn, married Tithonus, who had been immortalized by the gods. Eos liked young men, but her husband had not been made eternally youthful when the gods made him immortal.

One day Eos spied Cephalus, who was married, hunting. Eos was smitten and took him as a lover. Cephalus' life became wretched and later tragic because of the goddess' love. Eos had told him he would regret marrying his wife, Procris.

Out hunting one day Cephalus ends up accidentally spearing Procris, thinking she was a beast in the bushes. She'd been spying on him because she had heard he was calling out for the goddess Aura. After Cephalus went into the bushes, he saw what he'd done. Procris asked him to promise never to take Aura into their bed. He quickly explained he was just calling out “aura,” for a breeze, and Procris died with a smile.

Eos and the giant Orion the Hunter also had an affair.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

'Reflections of My Life' by the Marmalade

The Lord told me the torture mavens stole this song from The Marmalade, said they (the torture mavesn) wrote it and will get it off of YouTube. The Lord said the torture mavens' IT people will set it up so I am the only allowed to see it on YouTube. I am hoping I can preserve it here on my blog.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Some of Churchill's crimes

Saturday, August 5, 2017

United Nations legalizes wars

Did you know that the United Nations decides which wars are legal? The United Nations legalizes most wars started by the United States, Britain and France. Sometimes Russia and China demur. Those nations are the five members of the United Nations Security Council, and they have total say and veto power on all wars. If every other member nation of the General Assembly voted against a war, the Security Council could still approve it.

Those five nations are also the world's worst weapons dealers.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Love is easy. Right?

Again Buddha pondered the Dharma. If the highest good is love, then the Dharma must be love. If the highest good is the Dharma, then love must be the Dharma. But love is easy, isn’t it? Unless one is speaking of the Dharma that requires one to treat his most unkind detractors as the rarest form of beautiful gift-giving jewel. That, thought Buddha, is a hard form of love, but it is also Dharma.
But is other love easy? Out of love a mother and father patiently teach and care for their child, who may be difficult. And then if the child is loving he cares for his difficult, even disabled, parents much later in life.

Out of love a man or woman endures the scorn of the world and even torture to fight injustice. This is a hard form of love. Jesus, Buddha’s brother, was crucified because he loved people. Could anything be harder? I, Buddha, forsook a paradisiacal existence as a prince to become a mendicant and endured hardship and testing by Mara.

Love for God in heaven, who may not always seem to return it, at least in an obvious way, is hard for some.

Even the easy romantic love is so hard for so many people. How many songs are there about heartbreak?

If the Dharma’s Straight and Narrow Path is hard to follow, and if love, the most desired state that causes people to do great acts of charity and sacrifice, is hard, then perhaps love truly is the very essence of Dharma.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Compensating Indians and other poor people

Now, many generations after the Europeans landed in the Americas, we can take some steps to compensate the Indians, most of whom were killed off, the remainder of whom had almost all of their land stolen. While we're at it, we could also easily and justly raise the living standards of poor blacks, Latinos, whites and any other poor people in the United States. And why stop there? Why not help the poor worldwide?

In 2003, poverty was rife among American Indians. The Web site quoted the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights as follows:
  • The poverty rate for American Indians living on reservations (31.2%) is nearly three times the national rate.
  • On some reservations unemployment levels have reached 85%.  Overall, the unemployment rate on reservations is over two times the national average.
  • Over 22% of American Indians do not have enough food to meet their basic needs.
  • One in five homes on reservations lack complete plumbing facilities and less than 50% are connected to the public sewer system.  This has lead to the creation of numerous health and environmental hazards.
The U.S. government owns vast tracts of land that were formerly, of course, Indian lands. So do U.S. corporations. The government and corporations could compensate Indians by giving them resource-rich lands and the mineral rights to those lands.

This map shows just how much land the United States government owns:

All of the land you see in this map in red and white was Indian country before whites arrived. A dirty little secret about America is that the government leases and sells mineral rights on the red-shaded territory to U.S. corporations at a low price; U.S. corporations then turn around and gouge consumers. Indians could be given lands and mineral rights in compensation for the many crimes committed against them. Indians could then be asked not to gouge the consumer. Most Indians would probably gladly agree. And Indians and average Americans, now at the mercy of predatory corporations, would be helped in the process.

Also, the United States stole half of Mexico's territory in 1848-'49. The U.S. made war on Mexico and stole Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California. We could compensate Mexicans for this theft by opening our borders and giving to the Mexican people, many of whom are of Indian descent, U.S. government and U.S. corporate lands and mineral rights.

Also, the people who settled the United States kidnapped many thousands of Africans and enslaved them and their descendants here. Black people are still suffering from this holocaust and are mired in poverty almost as bad as the Indians. It is only right to compensate the desperately poor black people for what they have suffered and are suffering in racist America.

I would also advocate that poor white people be given royalties from U.S. government property. The preamble to the U.S. Constitution says the government is supposed to "promote the general welfare." Allowing a relatively few rich people and greedy corporations to profit from the oil, gas, minerals and timber on U.S. lands is not promoting the general welfare--it is promoting the welfare of rich people.

This model could be implemented to help poor people all over the world. The West takes many  of the world's resources at fire-sale prices and then turns around and sells them at exorbitant prices. They do this by bribing leaders of country's that have the resources. My idea is to let the people benefit and profit from the resources that God put on the Earth as a gift for all, not just for the rich.Venezuelan leaders and Bolivian leaders are doing it, and their people are benefiting greatly. Poverty, illiteracy and disease are all falling thanks to the late Hugo Chavez; his successor, Nicolas Maduro; and Evo Morales.

And if someone accuses me of being a communist (oh, the horror!) for advocating that the government seize private property, my reply is the government and European settlers seized private property--almost the entire continent--from the Indians first. And the whites stole living, breathing persons from Africa and are still keeping black people down.

About 25 percent of African-Americans live in poverty, and, from a PDF:
  • Poverty among African-American children is especially alarming—putting a generation at risk. More than a third (35.7 percent) of all African-American children lives in poverty, compared to one in five children living in poverty in the country as a whole. 
About 25 percent of Latinos live below the poverty line, which is very low and was calculated many years ago, when the dollar could buy a lot more. That's 13 million poor Latino households.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Monkey sketch

Photographer peterdc8 caught these compelling photos of Moto, Colchester Zoo's year-old L'Hoest's Monkey over the weekend. The name 'Moto' means fire in Swahili. As evidenced by these photos of Moto eating veggies, the L'Hoest diet is primarily herbivore, although L'Hoests are also known to eat eggs, lizards, and small birds. These charismatic monkeys are listed as vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN.
 This is a drawing I did of Moto from peterdc8's photo:

  And this is one of peterdc8's photos of Moto:

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Palestine remembered, in maps

Palestine was mostly Muslim and Arabic before Jews stole it in 1948-1949. I am still able to access the Web site, and am going to reproduce some of the Web site's text and maps, though reduces them so they are too small to read here. I have the maps on my computer and on, where you can see them in high-resolution images.

Palestine's Population Distribution Per District as of 1946
As of 1914, Jews in Palestine (who were mostly persecuted European Jews) were under 8% of the total population and owned under 2% of the total land. Despite active British support for settling of even more persecuted European Jews in Palestine, as of 1947 Jews constituted only 33% of the total population (only one third of them gained Palestinian Citizenship). Scroll to the end of the page for the source and for a more detailed tabular break down of population distribution.
It should be noted that many of these persecuted European Jews were illegal immigrants according to the Government of Palestine, which ceased to exist as of May 14th, 1948.

Palestinian And Zionist Land Ownership Per District as of 1945

As of 1947, Jews in Palestine owned UNDER 7% of the Palestine's lands, and after the 1948 war 80% of the Palestinian people were DISPOSSESSED  of their homes, farms, and businesses. Scroll below for the source and tabular break down of land ownership.

A very IMPORTANT MAP showing the massive destruction of Palestinian villages and cities (English)

خارطة تفصيلية تبين مدى التدمير الصهيوني للقرى الفلسطينية بعد النكبة

The most complete map of Palestine before and after Nakba (16 MB in size)

Jewish Owned Land in Palestine as of 1947
Share of Palestinian vs. Jewish land ownership as of April 1st, 1943
Category of land
(Fiscal categories)
Palestinians & othersJewsTotal
Dunums (1000 sq. meters)
Rural built-on area36,85142,33079,181
Cereal land (taxable)5,503,183814,1026,317,285
Cereal land (not taxable)900,29451,049951,343
Total area:
Roads, railways, rivers, and lakes135,803
Total Area including roads, railways, etc.

Palestine UN GA Partition Plan, November 29th 1947
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כדילתרגם לעברית

Posted on September 10, 2001

Israelis and Zionists often ask why Arabs REJECTED the proposed UN GA Partition plan, click here to learn more.

Detail Map Of Palestine Before al-Nakba

Map showing the massive destruction of Palestinian towns after al-Nakba in 1948
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כדילתרגם לעברית

Posted on September 10, 2001

The RED DOTS represents the ethnically cleansed and destroyed Palestinian towns during and after the 1948 war.

The Plastic Menagerie, by Kentucky Miller

Saturday, December 17, 2016

God and I discuss extraterrestrials

I had these conversations with God in 2002, 2003 and 2004:

I: Are there intelligent life forms on other planets, Father?

God: Yes. Many.

I: Are they bipedal, humanoid?

God: Most.

I (to some women): I'm most interested in the alien races that aren't bipedal, humanoid. What are they? Birds, fish? Some unknown type of life form?

God: They are mammals.

I: So the classes of animals hold on other planets?

God: (no answer)

I: How many intelligent races are there in the universe?

God: Nine million. Mankind is the most advanced.

I: Then reports of alien UFOs and space travel by other races are bunkum. And humankind just became civilized in the past 10,000-12,000 years, so it's doubtful other races are civilized.

God: Some are.

I used to say SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence project, is futile because we just got radio in the 1900s, and we are the most advanced race, so nobody else is transmitting radio or X-rays or other types of radioactivity. As I think now, though, in 2010, scientists speculate the universe has been around 13 billion years or so, so maybe older races have had a longer time and developed radio transmissions long ago.

Hello to the universe! I come in peace, but never trust human beings. God tells me, "You're much more than human," and I almost always am generous and kind and helpful till people get rough with me, so you can trust me (as long as you don't get rough).

I drank ancient water

I drank pure, ancient water from the depths of the earth and lamented pollution. I lamented malnourished children working for pennies a day as fatcats hired plastic surgeons to suck the fat out of their body. I spoke to a g

Divine activity welling up from mysterious Being

When in Rome, do as the Romans: Emulate the Greeks. I studied the gods and learned they are inscrutable. I yearn to be a hero; maybe every pariah does. I redeemed my incorruptible soul with a prayer for the brokenhearted. My heart is broken. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall want a world where everyone can intone, “I shall not want …” For a long time I dwelt in the cave of Night yearning for communion with those whose love I did not know was mine and raging at the fate of the raped, beaten and slain. I emerged alone to commune with my beloved sweethearts, my anger mollified by their dear selves and expensive chemical compounds, but sorrowful and still lost in a world of hurt. I share sacred pleasure, a mutual yearning for union, an ecstasy of body, soul, spirit and mind, a pure love in the heart that I reciprocate. I love my sweethearts and yearn to spend time with them. I have come to learn my sweethearts love me. I have said to them, “I like loving you, and I love liking you.”

The man wrote the book chapter, “The Radiance of a Thousand Suns.” (“Don’t Know Much About Mythology,” Kenneth C. Davis) In it he quotes a man who said a certain group of people “knew the secrets of the cosmos.” (“Indian Mythology,” Devdutt Pattanaik) He quotes a woman who wrote, “The whole world was seen as the divine activity welling up from the mysterious being of Brahman, which was the inner meaning of all existence.” (“A History of God,” Karen Armstrong) 

I am a superior Dalit, a slum-dweller with a rich past, a rat loved by rats and the secret name of the oversoul. I came among poor people to give them what the selfish rich cannot have till they atone and share: the inspiration of the love and ecstasy of a god who rages at the violent, greedy establishment that rains down bombs and destroys nature, steals from the poor and succors the most privileged living in luxury. Your politicians have sold their souls to corporate executives and stockholders who celebrate war and avarice, who pay the world’s labor and deprivation with a horrible mixture of genocide, torture and cultural shlock, who lay waste to the teachings of the great beings while pretending to celebrate their ideals. I saw an American “leader” holding forth about the evils of another nation! He would be damned just for his hypocrisy.

Benevolent sunshine bees

Let the goddesses be celebrated! Let the whole world of living beings rejoice, for the patriarchal religions that lack the necessary half of the divine equation shall be repudiated. A pantheon of female beings of power and grace waits to enact a new universal order of peace and justice, plenty and understanding. I am happy for the women of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, who did not know that they could not be denied the divine female presence but who were told they could be denied. Let the goddesses be invoked and celebrated! It is insulting to ignore them. Hail Mary the rose of heaven, Aphrodite born of the essence of the life-giving sea, Amaterasu “the august person who makes the heavens shine” and friend of beloved Uzume, the compassionate Ixtab, Xochiquetzal of beauty and love, Sky Woman who sadly could not love her grandson who was deemed evil for creating dangerous aspects of nature, Inanna of the Mesopotamian songs, and Chinawezi the mother of all things. Hail all you goddesses in your glorious life- and death-giving aspects. Hail Sister Death of the Comforts. (Descriptions of these goddesses taken from “Don’t Know much About Mythology,” Kenneth C. Davis)

A goddess wrapped her sweet self around my injured neck and head and whispered an ancient, healing spell into my mind.

I am the song the fat lady will sing. I am the fat lady’s patient admirer, praying for the day she’ll announce the apocalypse that I announced a lifetime ago with the sound of a cornet. I am the fat lady. I went into a deep trance and learned what I had forgotten about everything I wanted to know. I am adorned with ivy, laurels, olive branches, myrtle, lilies, lotuses and ancient roses. With each breath I breathe the undetectable, aromatic smoke of a thousand scented candles and exhale the scents of the most fragrant incense. I am a snake with my tail in my venomous fangs, the lord of revelry uninvited to the party, heir to a destitute uncle and an elephant yearning to express frustration. Inanna sang her Mesopotamian songs for me, her honey man stung by benevolent sunshine bees.  I am Inanna. I am not Inanna. I am. I am not. I. Thistles, weeds, pickers and thorny plants spring up behind me as I walk through creation. At home, alone, with my ancient soul I bestow the fruit of a thousand celestial orchards and tend the ever-living groves of the Druids.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Should warmongers go to prison?

Bernie Sanders has voted to make war. Repeatedly. He should be in prison, not the Senate, and not the White House.
The attack on Kosovo is hardly the extent of Sanders’ hawkishness. While it’s true he voted against the Iraq War, he also voted in favor of authorizing funds for that war and the one in Afghanistan. More recently, he voted in favor of a $1 billion aid package for the coup government Ukraine and supported Israel’s assault on Gaza. At a town hall meeting he admitted that Israel may have “overreacted” but blamed Hamas for the entire conflict. After a woman asked why he refused to condemn Israel’s actions, he told critics: “Excuse me! Shut up! You don’t have the microphone.”

Until you turn off your a.c, shut up about “climate action.”