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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Palestine remembered, in maps

Palestine was mostly Muslim and Arabic before Jews stole it in 1948-1949. I am still able to access the Web site, and am going to reproduce some of the Web site's text and maps, though reduces them so they are too small to read here. I have the maps on my computer and on, where you can see them in high-resolution images.

Palestine's Population Distribution Per District as of 1946
As of 1914, Jews in Palestine (who were mostly persecuted European Jews) were under 8% of the total population and owned under 2% of the total land. Despite active British support for settling of even more persecuted European Jews in Palestine, as of 1947 Jews constituted only 33% of the total population (only one third of them gained Palestinian Citizenship). Scroll to the end of the page for the source and for a more detailed tabular break down of population distribution.
It should be noted that many of these persecuted European Jews were illegal immigrants according to the Government of Palestine, which ceased to exist as of May 14th, 1948.

Palestinian And Zionist Land Ownership Per District as of 1945

As of 1947, Jews in Palestine owned UNDER 7% of the Palestine's lands, and after the 1948 war 80% of the Palestinian people were DISPOSSESSED  of their homes, farms, and businesses. Scroll below for the source and tabular break down of land ownership.

A very IMPORTANT MAP showing the massive destruction of Palestinian villages and cities (English)

خارطة تفصيلية تبين مدى التدمير الصهيوني للقرى الفلسطينية بعد النكبة

The most complete map of Palestine before and after Nakba (16 MB in size)

Jewish Owned Land in Palestine as of 1947
Share of Palestinian vs. Jewish land ownership as of April 1st, 1943
Category of land
(Fiscal categories)
Palestinians & othersJewsTotal
Dunums (1000 sq. meters)
Rural built-on area36,85142,33079,181
Cereal land (taxable)5,503,183814,1026,317,285
Cereal land (not taxable)900,29451,049951,343
Total area:
Roads, railways, rivers, and lakes135,803
Total Area including roads, railways, etc.

Palestine UN GA Partition Plan, November 29th 1947
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כדילתרגם לעברית

Posted on September 10, 2001

Israelis and Zionists often ask why Arabs REJECTED the proposed UN GA Partition plan, click here to learn more.

Detail Map Of Palestine Before al-Nakba

Map showing the massive destruction of Palestinian towns after al-Nakba in 1948
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כדילתרגם לעברית

Posted on September 10, 2001

The RED DOTS represents the ethnically cleansed and destroyed Palestinian towns during and after the 1948 war.

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