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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Love is easy. Right?

Again Buddha pondered the Dharma. If the highest good is love, then the Dharma must be love. If the highest good is the Dharma, then love must be the Dharma. But love is easy, isn’t it? Unless one is speaking of the Dharma that requires one to treat his most unkind detractors as the rarest form of beautiful gift-giving jewel. That, thought Buddha, is a hard form of love, but it is also Dharma.
But is other love easy? Out of love a mother and father patiently teach and care for their child, who may be difficult. And then if the child is loving he cares for his difficult, even disabled, parents much later in life.

Out of love a man or woman endures the scorn of the world and even torture to fight injustice. This is a hard form of love. Jesus, Buddha’s brother, was crucified because he loved people. Could anything be harder? I, Buddha, forsook a paradisiacal existence as a prince to become a mendicant and endured hardship and testing by Mara.

Love for God in heaven, who may not always seem to return it, at least in an obvious way, is hard for some.

Even the easy romantic love is so hard for so many people. How many songs are there about heartbreak?

If the Dharma’s Straight and Narrow Path is hard to follow, and if love, the most desired state that causes people to do great acts of charity and sacrifice, is hard, then perhaps love truly is the very essence of Dharma.

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