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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Satanic abuse victim speaks out

These horrifying stories in the video below from a victim of satanic abuse are typical of what these monsters of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the KKK and some "freelancers" do.

 Here is the text from the website, LivingResistance, where I found the video:
There have been over 1,500 arrests of pedophiles and human traffickers since January, 2017, by far the largest crack down in American history. (It is trending as #PedoGate.)
The arrests are now being rolled up to higher profile cases, according to reports.
It is believed that many politicians, public officials, and even media and Hollywood luminaries will be brought up on charges in due time.
 Here is a brief review of some of the high-profile cases so far. These have all happened within the last 14 days.
Kansas City Republican  Rep. Huelskamp staffer arrested on charges with 17 counts of child sex crimes, including sexual exploitation of a child. 
Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son arrested for sexual assault on a child. 
Police chief confirms former UK Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath raped children.  (He died before he could be arrested.)
The former Mayor of Stockton Anthony Silva has just been arrested in San Francisco for profiteering, embezzlement, and “other charges,” and has been arrested in the past on charges of cruelty on a child after being reported for playing “strip poker” with youth.
A pedophile Secret Service agent for former President Obama was just arrested on charges surrounding the enticement of an underage girl. 
We are expecting to see more arrests in the coming weeks. Some expect that there will also be cases of high-profile suicides and strange deaths, such as people jumping from buildings.
The pedophile ring referred to as #PedoGate is said to be international in scope and its members evidently include many US politicians, lobbyists, former presidents, Hollywood and media moguls, judges, police, priests, doctors, teachers, bankers, and lawyers. (
Watch the video below to see how a victim describes elite pedophile rings:

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